VYSA Indoor By-Laws
Indoor Soccer By-Laws



Section C1

The goals of the VYSA-Indoor program are:

  1. Teach the children soccer skills
  2. Provide an environment of exercise
  3. Give the kids the opportunity to fall in love with the game of soccer 


Teams are composed of players from the “Valley” which is composed of the municipalities from Sayre, Athens, & Waverly, New York as well as other Bradford County communities. VYSA competes in tournaments and leagues in and around the Southern Tier of New York and we are affiliated with EPYSA (Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association).  Our teams play from November – April in winter leagues at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex located at 1500 Airport Road, Binghamton, NY and at our home facility located at 317 South Thomas Avenue.  The website for the indoor sports complex is: http://www.greaterbinghamtonsportscomplex.com/




Section B1:

The objective of this organization is to promote soccer through the establishment of a competitive travel team program by:

  1. Developing youth from the local area and surrounding towns to include areas not represented by other travel teams
  2. To encourage a competent staff of adult volunteers (coaches, referees, board members, etc.) through the support of and exposure to continual developmental and training methodology.
  3. To promote and encourage single-age groups at every level as established by FIFA guidelines so to promote a program suited to individual needs.
  4. To promote sportsmanship among players, coaches, volunteers, and parents.




Section C1

VYSA will advertise in the local newspapers (August-September time frame) looking for responsible, organized, and enthusiastic adults that have a desire to coach the winter soccer program from October - April.  The board reserves the right to add or adjust coaches for the indoor program in any manner that it seems fit for the benefit of the program.  The board may advertise for a coach at a later time depending on the needs of the indoor program.


Section C2

All interested persons will need to notify the President of VYSA via email of their desire to coach VYSA and the age group that they would like to coach.  Email address is: valleyyouth@yahoo.com


Section C3

At the next VYSA board meeting the board of directors will decide on the coaches for the upcoming year (September time frame) and notify them via email.


Section C4:

Indoor coaches will be required to earn an “E” coaching license within two years of accepting a position as an indoor coach.


Section C5:

A coach will retain his/her position at the discretion of the VYSA board.  Removal of a coach in midseason requires a majority agreement of the board.  Voting ties would be decided by the President of VYSA.


Section C6:

A coach may be the head coach for more than one team, but is expected to explain to the parents of both teams his/her plans to coach both teams during league and tournament play where they may be a conflict.



Section D1:

Coaches and managers are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior at all times in both practices and games.  Yelling in an angry manner at the kids is not acceptable behavior for any VYSA coaches.


Section D2:

Coaches and managers are expected to communicate regularly with parents and players concerning practice and tournament times and locations. Coaches are expected to know and communicate to the players the laws of soccer and any specific tournament rules.


Section D3:

Coaches are expected to give all players in the U12 and below age groups the same (approximate) playing time in league games. 


Section D4:

The coaches are also expected to give all players in the U12 and below age groups the opportunity to play all field positions, but not necessarily equally. 


Section D5:

It is expected that coaches NOT place a great importance on winning at the U12 and below age groups.  Our coach’s primary responsibility is to teach the players the fundamentals of soccer and promote an environment that the kids can fall in love with the game of soccer. 


Section D6:

Although important, coaches should not spend much time on tactics in the U12 and below age groups. 



Section D7:

Coaches of winter soccer should expect to have two practices per week on average, but no more than three practices in one week.  Remember that soccer development is a marathon…not a sprint.


Section D8:

Coaches will offer positive and constructive comments to help each player maximize his/her potential and enjoyment of the game. 




Section E1:

All coaches are expected to have try-outs/registrations sometime in the late-September or early-October. 


Section E2:

These try-out/registrations are to be advertised in the local newspaper by the VYSA Vice President and VYSA is also required to email the information to the VYSA rec program age coordinators at least one week before the try-out/registration date so that the information can be forwarded to all of the parents in VYSA. 


Section E3: 

All kids that attend try-out/registrations in the U12 and below ages cannot be excluded from playing on the winter soccer team due to a lack of experience, skills, or athletic ability.


Section E4:

The age groups U13 and above will possibly have cuts. 


Section E5:

Try-out/registrations are to be coordinated by the VYSA Vice President, but run by the travel team coaches.


Section E6:

The try-out/registrations will be held without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age, or national origin.


Section E7:

Girls are allowed to play on boys teams, but it needs to get approved by the VYSA President and the request needs to be made via email to the President.




Section F1: 

Cost to participate in try-outs = $0 (free)


Section F2:

Facility Fees    = $50 (October-January)

                        = $50 (February-April)

                        = $50 (May-September)                     


Section F3:

Registration fee for indoor soccer      = $50/player (Includes a t-shirt) for session 1 (Nov-Jan)

                                                            = $50/player for session 2 (Feb-April)


Section F4:

Cost of Uniform (just for teams that play at the dome) = $52 (includes two VYSA jerseys and a pair of shorts) 


Section F5:

League Games = U4-U10 Games will be played at our facility on Saturdays (All VYSA player are expected to play in the VYSA league)

U6 League Fee = $25/player for a ten (10) week league

            U8 League Fee = $25/player for a ten (10) week league

            U10 League Fee = $25/player for a ten (10) week league


Section F6:

Coaches fees = $0 (coaches are not paid and volunteer their time)


Section F7:

VYSA Refund Policy

  • $25 for a medical accident that occurs after registration and before a shirt is issued ($20 if family received a discount)
  • $25 for a player whose family moves out of our service area if the move occurs before a shirt is issued
  • All refunds must be requested in writing. 



Section G1:

Travel Players are expected to attend as many practices and games as possible throughout the season.


Section G2:

Travel player is defined as any player in the VYSA indoor soccer program that plays in the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex league or any other non-local league.  ‎For example: NYW Expressway League, NYW Thruway League, and Broome County Spring League would all be “non-local” leagues.


Section G3:

Attendance at training sessions is expected for travel players and playing time can be affected for kids that have less than 50% attendance at practices.  Coaches must be informed of any plans which will cause a travel player to be absent or late for a game or practice. 


Section G4:

Coaches are allowed to limit playing time for travel players that don’t attend practices consistently.  



Section G5:

Practices are optional for rec players and all players are expected to get 50% playing time. 


Section G6:

A rec player is defined as any player in the VYSA indoor soccer program that plays in the local Paxar league.


Section G7:

Each player must maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Players are expected to offer only positive and constructive comments to teammates and opponents.  Soccer is a team sport with all individual players contributing in different ways.  Every player on the team is important to the coach and to the success of the team. The general laws of the game and any special tournament rules must be known and understood by each player.


Section G8:  

All players should be physically and mentally prepared for practice and games. Players are expected to bring a drink, properly inflated soccer ball, and shin guards to every practice and game. 


Section G9:

Players are expected to play on gender-appropriate teams unless it is approved by the VYSA board.  Requests are to be made by email to the VYSA Registrar.



Section H1:

Parents are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of behavior. This level of play places a demanding time commitment on both parents and players. Beyond the time associated with getting players promptly to practices and games, parents may be asked to help with other team related activities including fundraising endeavors.


Section H2:

Parents are expected to only voice encouragement during games.  Parents are not to voice directions or instructions to the kids while playing…this is the job of the coach. 


Section H3:

Parents are not allowed to talk negatively about any of the kids.  VYSA parents represent the VYSA club and are expected to act in a respectful manner at all times.  Parents tend to be the source of most problems. 


Section H4:

For best results, VYSA parents should memorize and use the following:

Before the match:

  1. I love you
  2. Good luck
  3. Have Fun


After the match:

  1. I love you
  2. It was great to see you play
  3. Have Fun


Section H5:

Be your child's best fan and support him/her unconditionally.   Don’t withdraw your love when he/she performs below their standard.


Section H6:

On transporting your child home, please be supportive and always focus on the positive aspects of their game.


Section H7:

Develop a responsibility in your player to pack their own uniform, soccer shoes, and a bottle full of water.


Section H8:

Respect the facilities at our opponents’ grounds.


Section H9:

Do not criticize your child’s coach to your child or other parents.  If you are not happy with the coach you should raise the issue with the coach or the VYSA President. 






Section H10:

Please do not talk to the coach before, during the game, or after a game about your child or the game in general.  VYSA encourages a phone call, email or meeting 24 hours after game play to discuss issues.


Section H11:

Encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties in training or games, encourage him/her to speak directly to the coaches. This “responsibility taking” is a big part of becoming a mature person.  By handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects of the game.


Section H12:

Monitor your child’s stress level at home. Keep an eye on the player to make sure that they are handling stress effectively from the various activities of life.


Section H13:

Monitor eating and sleeping habits. Be sure that your child is eating the correct foods. Players should be in bed at a reasonable hour on the night before a game and early enough on other nights to ensure that adequate rest is being taken.


Section H14:

Help your child keep her priorities correct. He/she needs to maintain a focus on schoolwork, relationships, and other things in life besides soccer.


Section H15:

Help your player to focus on the performance and not the result.         


Section H16:

Winning is not as important as the performance.


Section H17:

Any VYSA player that plays in the winter program is required to make at least one practice/week with the VYSA club team.  This requirement is for the U10 and higher age groups. If a player does not attend a club practice during the week then the coach can limit playing time for that week.


Section H18:

Any player that plays in the VYSA winter indoor program is required to make the VYSA club games a priority in the league over any other team that they may also be rostered.  If a player chooses to play on a different team in instead of the VYSA club team then the player could be removed from the VYSA roster.  Tournaments with a premier team with be the exception to this rule, but the player is expected to let the VYSA coach know at least a week in advance of their absence.




Section I1:

VYSA-Indoor teams will practice in a heated 60’ x 120’ turf facility located at 317 South Thomas Avenue.  All players are expected to bring a ball, shin guards, and a drink with them to practice.



Indoor Turf Practice Facility


Section J1: 

President – is the Chief Executive Officer of VYSA and is responsible for all activities of the winter soccer program.  The President shall conduct all general and special meetings of the membership, represent the club at all league meetings, and attend as the President of the club any related workshop, dinner, or meeting.  The President can appoint a representative to attend these aforementioned events.


Section J2:

Vice President - The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall also handle all advertising for the coaches.


Section J3:

Secretary – Shall handle all correspondence, give notices of meetings, and maintain the files of the club.


Section J4:

Treasurer – The treasurer shall keep detailed accounts of the club in a suitable manner, liquidate all bills against the club, collect all debts owed to the club, and report in writing the state of finances of the club whenever required by the president or by the majority of the membership.


Section J5:

Registrar – The Registrar shall work with each winter soccer team to make sure that all players are registered properly and also provide player passes, registrations, and rostering, when needed.


Section J6:

Winter Soccer Indoor Facility Coordinator – This coordinator will be responsible for the indoor practice rooms located at 317 South Thomas Avenue.  The duties include minor repairs, making sure that the three turfed areas plus bathroom remain in a clean and orderly manner.


Section J7:

Indoor Facility Scheduler – This person will be responsible for posting the schedule for the month for all three turfed rooms.  The schedule should be posted and email to the coaches a week prior to the beginning of the month.



  2. September meeting shall assign coaches for the upcoming winter soccer program plus review any other information items.
  3. November meeting will go over any issues or concerns for winter session I
  4. February meeting will go over any issues or concerns for winter session II




Section L1:

Each team will have a designated head coach and up to three assistant coaches. 






Section L2:

All head coaches and assistant head coaches must have been vetted by the Risk Management system and at least one of the coaches will be required to attend the VYSA meetings during winter soccer. 


Section L3:

Players attending try-out/registrations will have the opportunity to request to play up one age group, but the decision will be made by the President of VYSA.  The request must be made via email to the President @ valleyyouth@yahoo.com within two days of try-out/registrations ending. 


Section L4:

A player may not be dismissed from the team they are rostered on unless the coach has 1st got the dismissal approved by the board of VYSA and notified the parents of the concerned player.


Section L5:

The coaches have the option of limiting players that do not attend practices on a consistent basis, but this practice needs to be enforced in a fair and consistent manner across all players on the team.


Section L6:

Any player that wishes to move up an age group after the season has begun will need to let both age group coaches know in email form so that they the child’s current coach can forward it on to the VYSA president for consideration.  In brief, that Bylaw provides that a player is not permitted to play on an older team unless one of three criteria are met:

1. The older team would not have sufficient players without the participation of younger players; or
2. The player is being placed on a team with his or her classmates; or
3. The player's skills justify the placement on an older team.


  1.   Grievances/Appeals

Section M1:

All grievances need to be addressed to the President of VYSA via email.

Comparing Types of Activity – US vs European Kids


U.S. Player

Euro. Player


1 hours/wk

2 hours/wk


1 hours/wk

3+ hours/wk

Individual Practice

1 hours/wk

4+ hours/wk

Free Play

2.5 hours/wk

6.5 hours/wk


  • Europeans spend significantly more time in training, individual practice and free play than U.S. players



Quotes from Jurgen Klinsmann:

“There are a lot of different challenges ahead of us, especially in the foundation level, and the foundation is youth.  This is what is still really missing compared to the leading soccer nations around the world -- the amount of time kids play the game.”


 “The foundation is youth. A kid in Mexico might do 20 hours of soccer a week — 4 training and 14 playing around with his buddies in the street. That skill development will show later with ability and instincts.” ,Klinsmann said.