VYSA Fall Travel Program

Try-Outs - COMPLETED (One or two teams can still use one more player...contact either Rich Arnold or Jennifer Blackman for more information)


VYSA will be offering the fall travel soccer program for those kids that are more serious about soccer development and interested in competing against higher competition.  This program is different than our fall rec program.  The rec program is geared towards kids that want to play recreational soccer in the traditional format using parent coaches.  Our fall travel program gives our players more opportunities to train with professional trainers thaqt have played soccer at the highest level.  This fall travel program is available to both girls and boys from the U8-U14 age groups.  Here is some more information on the boys fall travel program:

Here is the list of approved boys team parent coaches for the fall & winter sessions:

VYSA Fall Travel

Boys Teams (Rough Draft)


U8 Boys

Coach: Cory Robinson

  1. Peyton Robinson                    
  2. Josh Leonard              
  3. Brady Darrow                 
  4. Braden Quinn                         
  5. Andrew Larrabee                    
  6. Charlie Larrabee                     
  7. Nick Grazul                            
  8. Carter Davies                          
  9. Jack Shoemaker                                  


U9 Boys

Coach: John Driesbaugh

  1. Leo Villanti                                         
  2. Troy Rosenbloom  
  3. Mathew Driesbaugh
  4. Austin Ingham                        
  5. Alex Emanuel                         
  6. Sam Knight                             
  7. Griffin Schillmoeler                                    
  8. Jake VanHouten
  9. Ryan Clark
  10. Evan Sickler


U10 Boys

Coach: Tom Briggs

  1. Jay Pipher                               
  2. Riley Campbell                                   
  3. Alex Campbell                        
  4. Korey Miller               
  5. Tyler Roe                                
  6. Will Trump                             
  7. Ryan Clark                             
  8. Colton Watkins                                   
  9. Gaige Warner                          
  10. Joey Tomosso
  11. Lucas Craft                


U11 Boys

Coach: Dave McIsaac

  1. Jason Gao                               
  2. Ethan Ray                               
  3. Caleb Ovedovitz                     
  4. Derek Simpson                                   
  5. Tyler Simpson                        
  6. Mason Hughey                                   
  7. Cameron McIsaac                   
  8. Gavin Schillmoeller    
  9. Nate Tenbus                           
  10. Wyatt Hobleski                       
  11. Nate Quinn                             


U12 Boys

Coach: Eric Ryck

  1. Nate Ryck                               
  2. Cody VanBenthuysen             
  3. Kuyler Murrelle                                  
  4. Travis Reynard                                   
  5. Joey Toscano                          
  6. Nick Place                              
  7. Tyler Chambers                                  
  8. Nick Bentley                           
  9. Nick VanHouten         
  10. Connor Young            
  11. Nate Quinn                             


U13 Boys

Coach: Rich Arnold

  1. Jesse Sumner              
  2. David Scheftic
  3. Doug Vosburg            
  4. Lucas Arnold
  5. Nick Bricker               
  6. Tyler Chamber
  7. Hannah Blackman      
  8. Abby Moliski              
  9. Alex Rowe                  
  10. Tyler Chambers          
  11. Eric Westbrook                       




  • The boys will be evaluated by a minimum of two coaches to make sure that the try-outs are done in a fair and unbiased manner
  • Kids from other towns are allowed to try-out for this travel program
  • Boys from lower age groups are allowed to try-out for the older age groups.
  • We will hold three separate try-outs for the boys teams: U10 (U8-U10), U12 (U11&U12), and U14 (U13&U14). 
  • Our preference is to have a team at the U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, and U14 age groups, if possible.  If an odd age group doesn’t have enough players for a team then that age group will be eliminated and those boys will need to try-out for the next older age group.
  • The teams will be playing:
    • U8 Team          U10 division    Parent Coach: Cory Robinson
    • U9 Team          U10 division    Parent Coach: Tom Briggs
    • U10 Team        U10 division    Parent Coach: Josh Roe
    • U11 Team        U12 division    Parent Coach: Dave McIsaac
    • U12 Team        U12 division    Parent Coach: Eric Ryck
    • U13 Team        U14 division    Parent Coach: Rich Arnold
    • U14 Team        U14 division    Parent Coach: TBD



  • All boys teams will have three training sessions per week for the fall season. 
  • The training sessions will be on Mon, Wed, and Fri evenings
  • Monday training sessions will be run by Robbie Dickinson and Henry Keventon.  Parent coaches are expected to participate in the training.  The U8-U10 boys teams will train from 5:15pm-6:45pm on Mondays.  The U11-U14 boys will train from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Mondays.
  • Wednesday training sessions will also be run by Robbie Dickinson and Henry Keventon.  Parent coaches are expected to participate in the training.  The U8-U10 boys teams will train from 5:15pm-6:45pm on Wednesdays.  The U11-U14 boys will train from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesdays.
  • Parent coaches will run their own training sessions on Fridays with their team



  • All teams will play in the Broome County League
  • Games begin on Sept 6th and run through October 26th



VYSA Registration Fee = $75

EPYSA Fee = $28

Referee Fee = $35

Trainer Fees = $73



Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.




Foot Skills Training

All Indoor players get 800+ touches on the soccer ball at each practice....